At Fair Capital, we
work hard play hard

At Fair Capital, we work hard play hard

Integrate your lifestyle with a career in Financial Advisory

About Us

Established with vigour and dynamism, Fair Capital aims to provide unbiased and comprehensive advice to all our clients. With our philosophy and principle in line with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Fair Capital sets its focal point on offering a diversified suite of financial services for savings, investment and others.

Always plan ahead with Fair Capital. Make your best preparation for tomorrow.

Fair Capital is a group under SingCapital Pte Ltd- a Financial Adviser licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and regulated under the Financial Advisers Act.

Engage, Energize, Excel


Financial Fintech Marketing (FFTM)

Get benefited with our FFTM strategies in this fast paced, technology-driven business world with the full support from our dedicated in-house IT team and trainings.


Leads Generation Model

We ensure a zero-cost leads generation model for our advisors so that you can focus on building a successful career.


Work-Life Integration

Work-life balance is passe, at Fair Capital we advocate work-life integration.



Gain a set of high-income skills, highly transferable wherever you go.

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Whether you are a fresh graduate, an experienced Financial Advisor or someone who is looking for a career switch, we are open to training you to achieve success in your career, while providing you with a healthy work-life integration.