Terms & Conditions

I/We agree that Fair Capital Private Limited may collect, use and disclose my/our personal data, which I/We have provided in this form, for the sole purpose of providing referral service(s) from PIAS branch SG.FairCapital and its providers and business partners, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 and Fair Capital Private Limited’s data protection policy (available at Fair Capital’s website https://www.faircapital.com.sg/privacy-policy).

I/We have read and understood the above services are not provided by Fair Capital Private Limited or its staff. These are purely referral activities carried out by Fair Capital Private Limited and/or its staff. As such, Fair Capital Private Limited and/or its staff shall not be responsible or be held liable for the advice that was provided by PIAS branch SG.Fair Capital.

Please kindly email enquiry@faircapital.com.sg if you wish to withdraw your consent.

Note: To facilitate the collection of this referral form, Fair Capital Private Limited may accept the referral form in hardcopy and electronic forms. You agree that all referral forms (whether received in hardcopy or otherwise) which fulfil our internal processes and requirements shall be deemed to be valid, accurate and authentic and we shall be entitled to rely on them. You shall not hold us liable for acting or omitting to act in good faith on your consent given or purportedly given in this referral form.